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How to Make a Homemade Protein Shake

The health benefits of protein shakes with well balanced ingredients are undeniable. For people trying to lose weight, keep weight off or even put weight on by bulking up and adding muscle, protein shakes can help accomplish all of these goals. Essentially, it’s like drinking a steak or getting a big helping of protein like one would expect from a helping of meat and beans. Of course, the taste isn’t anything like a great chop of beef, but there are ways around the lack of flavor. For people who know how to make a homemade protein shake, it’s possible to make them taste as desired.

You shouldn’t be looking to reproduce the same kind of shake as your favorite one to drink. While you can go for the same kind of general flavor, getting the precise makeup of any protein shake is pretty much impossible unless you make it yourself. Essentially, they all start out with the same few ingredients though. There are one or usually more sources of protein like soy, whey and other kinds, which are dehydrated down to a dense, dry powder. Flavoring agents, vitamins, minerals and preservatives all make it into store-purchased protein shake mixes. By making homemade protein shakes you can cut out the need for preservatives.bodybyvi freesample How to Make a Homemade Protein Shake

Unfortunately, the agents used to keep foods and drinks viable for longer often do bad things to the overall taste of the product. By coming up with the ingredients yourself, you ensure your protein shakes are free and don’t need preservatives since they’re consumed on the spot. Usually you can find ingredients at a health food store though some powdered proteins may be purchased at supermarkets and more widely available. You’ll be looking for anything that promises lots of energy, especially B vitamins which will aid in breaking down your fat and giving you more of the fuel you need to make it through the day.

Not just any kind of protein is going to do; you should be looking for lean stuff, especially since any extra fat is just calories to burn off later. Your protein shake should be something which could substitute for a single meal during the day or maybe even just hold you over between lunch and dinner. It’s not supposed to be all you drink all day. There are so many calories in the protein that if you aren’t active and on your feet, you’re going to bulk up all right, just not the way you’d intended. So you can’t make your homemade protein shake too rich.

Mixing all the ingredients together once you have them is just like mixing anything else together. If you’ve prepared cakes, pies, breads or any kind of food at all before, you know how important it is to get the amount of each ingredient just right. It is the same when making homemade protein shakes, so pay attention to how much of each ingredient you’re adding to the mix. There should be lots of protein, very little sugars, fats and other sources of calories. While you can’t conceivably drink solely protein, it should still be the main ingredient in your shake.

Any protein shake which was really healthy for the drinker would invariably need to taste terrible, right? Well, that’s usually the case, especially since most flavoring agents make shakes spoil faster. Since you’re making them yourself, you can add chocolate, vanilla, strawberries or anything else you can think of, right on the spot. You’ll know it’s fresh because you’re literally making the homemade protein shake yourself and you can get just the right amount of flavor to suit your individual palate. It’s really the best way to do protein shakes and there’s some confusion as to why big companies are still getting away with overcharging consumers for tasteless trash.

Now that you know a little bit more about what goes into a protein shake, how to mix the ingredients together and how to add whatever flavors you like, you’re ready to make your own homemade protein shake. Be sure to get a qualify blender, something which will really pulverize the items you add and mix them effectively together. This is where most homemade protein shakes fail as they just can’t get the right amount of blending needed to become smooth. You must make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job before trying to make your own protein shakes.